Amazon Business Hack Now Available in Canada!

If you are using Amazon to make business purchases, there is an easy way to share the order information that the person doing your bookkeeping needs, without having to give them your login or the ability to make purchases while logged into your account. Have you heard of Amazon Business accounts? Well, perhaps it's time you did. It wasn't too long ago that they weren't available in Canada, but now they are.

Recently I tried converting the account I use to make purchases for my business and setting up an Amazon user who can view orders but CANNOT make purchases. Guess what, it worked! We will be chatting with the clients who we regularly have to nudge to remember to give us the order information to get this set up pronto! We get what we need to give them quality data, and they don't have to think about stopping what they are doing to provide it. It's a win/win for all of us.

If you want to create an Amazon for Business account from scratch here's a useful link:

Or, you can just click on Account & Lists under where it says Hello [Your Name] and select Register for a business.

There are a few steps of information to provide so they can verify you are a legitimate business. I was able to use my business number with the CRA so they could verify me. (I also used my business Visa to help speed the process up.)

Less than 24 hours later, I had an email confirming the business account had been set up. I was ready to login and add a user. To do this, I clicked under where it says Hello [your name] in the top bar, and selected Add People.

When adding users, just make sure you have the user settings set up so they are an administrator and not a requisitioner if you don't want them able to make purchases.

There were some advanced options allowing to set up specific groups, etc. We'll dive into that more later if we come across a business that needs it. For now, this basic setup seems to be enough for the businesses we support.

It was really painless and I'm looking forward to setting this up with more of our clients to help facilitate that flow of data. After all, bookkeeping isn't about data entry anymore, it's about data flow and nearly real-time reporting of that data.

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